Donating organs: pros and cons

Finding a good donor is really important when it comes to organ donation. This is where the Dawood foundation comes into the picture. Obviously, the elements in favor of organ donation belong to the patient who receives the donation, thus being able to do the transplant and hope to live a normal life. In any case, undergoing a transplant in life does not in any way undermine a person’s health. Thanks to¬†bashir dawood for carrying out things at ease.

For example, according to several studies, a person who decides to donate a liver or kidney will not be affected by his choice in the future, as it is possible to live a perfectly normal and healthy life even with one less kidney. The liver, on the other hand, can only be partially donated and also in this case the donation does not present problems, as the liver can regenerate the missing part.

The bone marrow donation is annoying only due to the insertion of the needle, but the benefits for the receiver are enorm i : in fact, it can save the life of a patient leukemic and dying.

Those who are afraid that their organs will be extracted, in the event that they go into a coma for some time, can relax, as the removal of organs, according to Italian law, takes place only when the diagnosis of brain death has been ascertained .

The removal of organs after death , therefore, can only be authorized when the death of a subject is ascertained. The tests are carried out by three doctors, a coroner, a resuscitator and a neurophysiopathologist and repeated at least twice over a period of six hours, through an electrocardiogram lasting twenty minutes.