Know everything about adhesive vinyl and its types

Are you someone who likes to do crafty things or is interested in crying some decorative accessories? Then knowing about adhesive vinyl crafts will surely come in handy to you. There are different and multiple options available in the market to choose from and getting the best and appropriate adhesive for your project is essential.

 For that, you have to get a brief knowledge about the adhesive vinyl and its types, so you will know what to use for your craft?

What is adhesive vinyl?

Adhesive Vinyl or self-adhesive vinyl is as thin as paper and flexible in terms of its application. It is resistant to temperature and water, which makes it durable. Its durability is something that makes it incredible and a favourite of many. It comes in many forms such as glossy, matte, glitter, metallic, etc. that can satisfy your creative mind and gives you the liberty to create what your heart desire.

Types of adhesive Vinyl

There are two types of adhesive Vinyl, which consists of permanent and removable adhesive vinyl.

Removable vinyl

As the name suggests, it is removable and used for temporary purposes. It is easily removable and leaves no glue and sticky substance behind. The most popular brand of removable adhesive vinyl is Oracle 631, which you can get online or craft store near you.


It is a permanent adhesive vinyl that is usually used for outdoor purposes due to its long-lasting property. It can last long up to 8 -10 years. It is widely used in the automotive industry, you can use it on coffee mugs, car decals, water bottles, etc. The popular brand of permanent adhesive crafts vinyl is Oracle 651, which you can find online or at a craft store near you.

So, this is all about adhesive vinyl and its types.