In-Depth Review: The New Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro Models

Apple has made a few major changes to its iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max this year. They’re made using Grade 5 Titanium and sport a more model that is curved, which should make them easier to hold during long time periods. Apple has changed the mute switch with an Action button that can trigger shortcuts that activate accessibility features and other features.

Comparative Analysis with older Models

Apple has made its iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max look not much different than the previous year’s iPhones, and has slimmer edges around their beautiful displays. They are more comfortable and ergonomic hold, though the bigger phones aren’t light.

The major difference lies in the addition of the A17 Pro chip on the Pro models. The chip provides approximately 10% more performance compared to the earlier chips. The reason for this is the manufacturing process of 3nm, however, it is also due to improvement in design and microarchitectural.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The Pro models come with certain features unique to them, such as USB-C support for higher rates of transfer. This makes it possible for ProRes to be recorded directly onto external drives. This will appeal to video creators. Its TrueDepth front camera is also equipped with some improvements, and can output 4K at 60fps to allow HDR viewing on external devices. There’s also the new Digital AV Multiport Adapter which lets you connect HDMI monitors to standard USB devices.


Apple has loaded the iPhone 15 Pro Max with some solid upgrades, despite keeping it largely identical to its predecessor models. First, you can now use the Dynamic Island feature and the 48-megapixel main camera are now offered for all models, as is a New Portrait mode, which offers five times the zoom.

It’s also a little bit narrower around the edges thanks to the slimmer bezels. The screen itself is still identical to the 6.7-inch XDR ProMotion OLED HDR display that can run as high as 120Hz refresh rates.

Furthermore, a brand new Action button is now available to the left of the phone. It replaces the mute slider. It’s a programmable button that can launch different apps as well as features, such as activating the flashlight or camera simply by pressing the button. This adds to the usual improvements brought by iOS 17 like mood tracking or interactive widgets. It can also provide emergency roadside assistance via satellite.


Despite the vast difference in dimension, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max have some things in common the iPhone 15 Pro and their predecessors. In fact, both phones are driven by Apple’s A17 Pro chip — Apple’s first 3nm chipset.

The chips offer major improvements in graphics and performance as well as helping improve battery life. Also, the Titanium chassis is a welcomed option, and will make these phones stronger.

A further change with new iPhone 15 Pro models is the elimination of the Lightning port. The Lightning connector has been replaced by a USB-C port. It’s a great change since it boosts the speed of data transfers dramatically.

Additionally, the latest phones support Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. The phones also come with an sophisticated location feature, which works alongside roadside assistance providers. Then there’s the customizable Action button, which replaces the muted switch, and lets you run custom Shortcuts. Round edges which first appeared with the iPhone 11 series also return this year.


TheĀ iPhone 15 Pro Max Max offers an array of functions compared to older models. These include night mode, Spatial video (which uses both the ultra-wide and main cameras to capture depth information which can be displayed on Apple Vision Pro), higher performance in low light, Smart HDR and the latest generation of portraits.

Its A17 Pro chip also adds improved neural processing that allows for more lighting and speedier motion capture. It also supports augmented reality features like AR games and applications which use depth mapping to enhance object tracking.

The other significant changes includes the upgrade to USB-C (it comes with a reversible connector so you can plug in any standard USB device) that provides faster speed for data transfers, as well as an Action button that substitutes the mute button that provides haptic feedback as well as customized actions. Also, in contrast to earlier generations of iPhones, the edges on the latest model are slightly rounder for a better touch. Furthermore, the titanium-grade 5 structure creates this iPhone 15 Pro Max 10 percentage lighter than its predecessor.